2Live Showcase 2018

We love your cheer & scream very much!! GOOD BOW SHOW boys & gals!! We are even stronger with a solidified spirit in our annual blockbuster performance!!
We first thank very much for our our colorful team tutors & dancers for their colorful performance. Besides, we thank for our helpers and action team, MC, art designer, lighting designer, DSM, photographer & videographer, valuable guests’ performance, valued sponsors’ support and our supportive audiences to perfect our show!! Dated you all next year!!

2Live Showcase 2018 GOOD BOW SHOW!!!!!!
氣勢磅礡,越戰越強,2Live Showcase 2018 完美落幕!
感謝台前幕後各單位,先感謝各 Colorful World 團隊的排舞老師及學員令這個大匯演大放異彩,另外衷心多謝各 Helpers & Action Team、MC、美術設計 、燈光設計、DSM、攝影錄影、表演嘉賓、贊助單位及各入場支持和歡呼吶喊的觀眾!期待 2Live Showcase 2019,約定您!

Enrollment Details 報名詳程

Showcase Theme 主題 - Colorful World

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Photo Album 相集

Recap of precious & impressive moments of 2Live Showcase 2018!! Find out more or the full set → here.

01 - Opening

2Live Showcase 2018 - Opening

Choreographed by Cherry and Natalie
Dancers: Abbie, Anson, Cherie, Chloe, Daphne, Huen, Jackie, Karly, Kiko, Louis, Micaella, Mimi, Nina, Sinnie, Steffi and Thera


2Live Showcase 2018 - CONCENTRATE

Choreographed by Lambo
Dancers: Cherie, Circle, Yuki, Mavis, Yuki Yip, Owen, Kelly, Sammy, Zoe, Hilary, Allison, Abbie, Kitty and Bunny

03 - Dolla Dolla

2Live Showcase 2018 - Dolla Dolla

Choreographed by Canny and Larissa
Dancers: Sinsin, Puikwan, Ronnie, Kary, Cherry, Nicole, Sue, Jessica, Cherrie, Kiko, Emily, Kathy, Valerie, BallBall, mimimimi, Amy, Huenhuen, Viann and Dapdap

04 - 佛系釘灑

2Live Showcase 2018 - 佛系釘灑

Choreographed by Regent
Dancers: 佛系瑪姬, 邊緣安信, 痴根凱莉, 厭世車厘 and 幽靈曉瑤

05 - OuttaRules

2Live Showcase 2018 - OuttaRules

Guest Performance

06 - Personal

2Live Showcase 2018 - Personal

Choreographed by Ashley
Dancers: Hiu nui, Kel nui, Yuk nui, Ron nui, Mi nui, Sin nui, Den nui, Yee nui, Chloe nui, Jo nui, Dap nui, Ki nui, Agnes nui, Valerie nui, Venus nui, Christy nui, Stef nui, Nina nui, Cher nui, Mo nui, Huen nui and Sylvia nui

07 - Chris Brown Channel

2Live Showcase 2018 - Chris Brown Channel

Choreographed by Lun
Dancers: Anna J, Amy, Jane, 小金毛, A, Ivy and Shaina

08 - Chin Up

2Live Showcase 2018 - Chin Up

Choreographed by Tweety
Dancers: Linda, alice, churry, buddy, 音符, Puikei, Christy, Micaella, Heidi, Janna, Jojo, Claudia, KarKar, Annie, Jamie, hiuyiu, momo and Ronnie


2Live Showcase 2018 - GIRLS REVOLUTION

Choreographed by Natalie
Dancers: Chirsty Au, Karly Yu, Moyi Chan, Natalie Lee, Nina Xiong, Poon Wing, Rhianna Shiu, Steffi Chan and Thera Sze


2Live Showcase 2018 - VIOLET HOMIES

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Huen, Chloe, Catherine, Ching, Ivy, Katie, Lilian, Miko, Winnie, Buddy, Reception Anson弟弟, lulu Louis, Carleon, Tim & Jason

11 - GET IT

2Live Showcase 2018 - GET IT

Choreographed by Ashley
Dancers: Fat Ball, Kelly, Yuki, Abbie, Jackie, AhKarrr, Charlotte, Nina, Daphne, Thera, Jasmine, Connie, Carey, Nicole, Cherry Yeung, Emily, Circle, Luby, Katie and Micaella

12 - Crazy In One Minute Boy

2Live Showcase 2018 - Crazy In One Minute Boy

Choreographed by Kalok
Dancers: 奧運薯仔, 大老山洗讚小鴨, Kelvin, Minnie hahahahaha, Lilian, momo, ChanCY, iffets, 嘜嘜, karlyugyeom and 雲妮

13 - The Slumber Lover

2Live Showcase 2018 - The Slumber Lover

Choreographed by Canny and Ashley
Dancers: Nicole, Katherine, Kary, Anna, Kris, Cristy, Wing, Tiffany, Sally, Katie, Sunny, Allison and Buddy

14 - 羅生門

2Live Showcase 2018 - 羅生門

Choreographed by Craig PC
Dancers: 羅又, 羅白高, 羅曼迪, 羅看裹, 羅羅羅, 羅囉攣, 羅絲粉, 羅友恆, 羅貝卡, 羅拉, 羅罔, 羅跑, 羅送劏, 羅置場, 羅貓兒 and 羅尼

15 - Creation Dancing Academy

2Live Showcase 2018 - Creation Dancing Academy

Guest Performance

16 - VOGUE

2Live Showcase 2018 - VOGUE

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Ashley, Larissa, Natalie, 性感音符, Sinnie, Kiko, 性感小貓mi, Daphne, Denise, Lilian, Jenny, Jamie, Lorraine, Plum, Cherry Cherry Chan, Winnie and Carleon


2Live Showcase 2018 - $LACKINGZ

Guest Performance

18 - Motion Origin

2Live Showcase 2018 - Motion Origin

Choreographed by Cherry and Ashley
Dancers: Katie, Kelly, Steffi, Abbie, Rhianna, Jackie, Thera, Cherie, Nina, Yuki and Karly

19 - Tutor Dance

2Live Showcase 2018 - Tutor Dance

Choreographed by Lun, Cherry, Ashley and Regent
Dancers: Cherry, Ashley, Canny, Larissa, Natalie, Tweety, Lambo, Eric, Regent, Lun, PC and Kalok

20 - 2Live Force

2Live Showcase 2018 - 2Live Force

Choreographed by Cherry, Ashley, Canny and Larissa
Dancers: Anson, Buddy, Chloe, Daphne, Denise, Huen, Kiko, Lilian, Louis, Mimi, Sinnie, Tim and Winnie

21 - Finale

2Live Showcase 2018 - Finale

Choreographed by Cherry and Ashley
Dancers: 2Live Showcase 2018 ALL Dancers