2Live Showcase 2016

2Live rock da stage!! 2Live Dance Studio Showcase 2016 came to a perfect end with overwhelming support! We love your cheer & scream very much!! GOOD BOW SHOW boys & gals!!
We again thanks very much for our our vintage team tutors & dancers, helpers, MC, valuable guests’ performance, valued sponsors’ support and our supportive audiences to perfect our show!! Dated you all next year!! WOW!!

2Live Showcase 2016 GOOD BOW SHOW!!!!!!
2Live Showcase 2016 完美落幕!🎊
感謝台前幕後各單位,包括各團隊的排舞師及學員、Helpers、MC、表演嘉賓、贊助單位及入場支持和歡呼吶喊的觀眾!期待 2Live Showcase 2017,約定您!

Enrollment Details 報名詳程

Showcase Theme 主題 - Denim

Photo Album 相集

Recap of precious & impressive moments of 2Live Showcase 2016!! Find out more or the full set → here.

01 - Opening

2Live Showcase 2016 - Opening

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Larissa, Canny, Natalie, Eyeko, Wing, Jenny, Melody, Kelly, Cilla, Joey Choy, Annie Kan and Liann

02 - Red Velvet

2Live Showcase 2016 - Red Velvet

Choreographed by Canny
Dancers: Carleon, Bobo, Nicole, Hiu Yiu, Blossom, Chloe, Connie, Emily, Terence and Ping Yi


2Live Showcase 2016 - ENTIVERSE

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Natalie, Jenny, Eyeko, Wing, Waiwai, Cherine and Abbie

04 - Girls to Ladies

2Live Showcase 2016 - Girls to Ladies

Choreographed by Ashley and Canny
Dancers: Sunny, Jess, Hilda, Stellah, Annie Kan, Carmen, Kali, Yan, Lareina, Joey Lui, Liann, Connie and Nicole

05 - Motion Origin

2Live Showcase 2016 - Motion Origin

Choreographed by Cherry and Ashley
Dancers: Melody, Kelly, Cilla, Kwan and Joey Choy

06 - VOBE

2Live Showcase 2016 - VOBE

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Canny, Larissa, Natalie and Jenny

07 - Is Crush Not Crash

2Live Showcase 2016 - Is Crush Not Crash

Choreographed by Lun
Dancers: Ashley, Waiwai, Annie Li, Cat, Melo, iCa, Joey Choy, Gula, Rammi and Puma

08 - Tied

2Live Showcase 2016 - Tied

Choreographed by Faijai
Dancers: Cheuk Ning, Tiffany and Carleon

09 - LAC

2Live Showcase 2016 - LAC

Guest Performance

10 - Welcome to Burlesque

2Live Showcase 2016 - Welcome to Burlesque

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Ashley, Canny, Larissa, Natalie, Jenny, Cat and Carmen Kwan


2Live Showcase 2016 - MONEY.SEXY.PARTY

Choreographed by Ashley
Dancers: Canny, Larissa, Gula, Melody, Cherine, Fiona, Abbie, Kwan, Hiu Yiu, Blossom, Ahyana, Elaine, Tracy, Mary, Karmen, Haily, Karman, Carmen Man and Chris

12 - Buzzer Beater

2Live Showcase 2016 - Buzzer Beater

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Natalie, Jenny, Eyeko, Wing, Waiwai, Cilla, Kawai, Miko, Charmaine, Catherine, Carleon, Kelvin, Trevor and Theo

13 - Creation Dancing Academy

2Live Showcase 2016 - Creation Dancing Academy

Guest Performance

14 - Dim Sum Crew

2Live Showcase 2016 - Dim Sum Crew

Guest Performance

15 - Justin Fever

2Live Showcase 2016 - Justin Fever

Choreographed by Eric
Dancers: Eyeko, Wing, Blossom, Carleon, Sailo and Hei

16 - The Pulse of Fashion

2Live Showcase 2016 - The Pulse of Fashion

Choreographed by Cherry
Dancers: Ashley, Canny, Larissa, Natalie, Jenny, Cilla, Joey Choy, Kelvin and Trevor

17 - B-Tribe

2Live Showcase 2016 - B-Tribe

Guest Performance

18 - Tutors Dance

2Live Showcase 2016 - Tutors Dance

Choreographed by 2Live Tutors
Dancers: Cherry, Ashley, Canny, Larissa, Wingyi, Eric, Lun, Big Lun and Sing

19 - Full of Passion

2Live Showcase 2016 - Full of Passion

Choreographed by Cherry and Ashley
Dancers: Ashley, Larissa, Cat, Natalie, Jenny, Eyeko, Wing, Waiwai, Cherine, Abbie, Fiona, Blossom, Carmen Kwan, Joey Choy, Carleon and Kelvin

20 - Finale

2Live Showcase 2016 - Finale

Choreographed by Cherry and Larissa
Dancers: 2Live Showcase 2016 ALL Dancers