"Dance to live, not just to exist."

To live or to exist, that's a question to ponder. Many people just live in hustle and bustle cities. Better to say, they EXIST in the world only as they do not pursue any dream in their lives. People are busy working and studying and have their dream buried. 2Live Dance Studio provides a place for people to dance freely and relax, just to be what they want to be. It helps dance-lovers to LIVE.

2Live Dance Studio has been established since 2013. Founded by Cherry Lee, who is an experienced teacher and professional dancer. The school aims at exploring students' talents and developing their skills. 2Live Dance Studio provides dance classes that are ranged by level of difficulty from beginners to professionals. People from all age groups are welcomed. The school will also invite distinctive instructors or choreographers regularly in order to share the knowledge, joy and passion in dance.

Besides, professional dance training programs and workshops, chances for dance performances, dance production and choreography are provided as well.

For superstars, dance might be their occupation.
For audiences, dance might be their entertainment.
For students, dance might be their extra-curricular activity.
For dancers in 2Live Dance Studio, dance is their life.

人應生活抑或生存,這真的是一個值得思考的問題。無數的人生活在都市的煩囂之中。換個說法,他們只是「生存」在世界上,原因是他們沒有盡力探求自己人生的夢想。人們每天為工作和學習奔波勞碌,卻埋沒了自身的夢。2Live Dance Studio 為都市人提供了一個可以輕鬆和盡情舞動的地方,舞出自我。它幫助舞蹈愛好者「生活」。

2Live Dance Studio 創立於 2013 年,是由專業舞蹈老師 Cherry Lee 創辦之舞蹈學校,銳意發掘及培育舞蹈界的青年人才,及積極將舞蹈普及化。提供的舞蹈班由初級至專業級,沒有年齡限制,歡迎小朋友、青少年及成年人參與。2Live Dance Studio 亦會不時邀請世界各地的舞蹈家作客席導師,推廣更多元化舞蹈,啟發學生對舞蹈的認識及興趣。我們亦會提供專業舞蹈訓練、工作坊、表演機會、以至專業排舞及相關技巧訓練。

對於在 2Live Dance Studio 的舞者來說,跳舞是他們的生命。